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  • Frontend-Netzteil
  • für Schrank/Rackeinbau (hot swap)
  • 864W bis 1008W
  • 1 Ausgang


  • Frontend-Netzteil (1HE)
  • für Schrank/Rackeinbau (hot swap)
  • 1584W bis 2500W
  • 1 Ausgang
Produktname Leistung (W) Bauform Ausgänge
Frontend-Netzteil für Schrank/Rackeinbau (hot swap)
864 1008 für Schrank/Rackeinbau (hot swap) 1 Ausgang
Frontend-Netzteil (1HE)für Schrank/Rackeinbau (hot swap)
1584 2500 für Schrank/Rackeinbau (hot swap) 1 Ausgang

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CUS100ME is a single output 2” x 4” AC/DC supply with IEC60601-1 3rd edition medical approval as well as IEC60950-1 and is available in four mechanical formats: Open pcb, pcb with baseplate, U channel and U channel with cover.
The power supply is rated at 100W maximum output power.
With baseplate and U channel conduction cooling assistance this rating can be achieved at up to 70°C ambient temperature and with forced air cooling of 1m/s operation up to 85°C ambient temperature is possible.
It meets class B levels for both conducted and radiated emi and is
compliant with EN60601-1-2:2015 Edition 4 immunity requirements.      
CUS100ME is suitable for both Class I and Class II installations, is available with 12V to 48V outputs and is ideal for medical and general applications that require silent operation with no fan noise.
Efficiency is up to 94%, and off load power consumption is less than 0.5W.


The single output QS range of power supplies offers low audible noise (with a temperature controlled fan to reduce audible noise) with a selection of standby and control options including PMBus™. The range is supported by a 7 year warranty and covers output voltage from 12V up to 52.8V. 
Suitable for both medical and non-medical applications. The entire range has full medical isolation (1 x MoPP input to ground, 2 x MoPP input to output and 1 x MoPP output to ground) and either dual or single fusing available as options. The QS range operates from a universal AC input of 90 - 264V to meet a wide range of applications, including industrial, medical, test & measurement, broadcast, communications and renewable.


Die CUS200LD Serie wurde für die zuverlässige Versorgung von LED-Anzeigen sowie für Industrie-, Rundfunk-, Test-, Mess- und Kommunikationsgeräte entwickelt. Die Ausgangsleistung beträgt bei Konvektionskühlung bis zu 120 W, bei Kontaktkühlung 150 W und für 10 Sekunden sogar bis zu 206 W. Die Serie akzeptiert einen großen Eingangsspannungsbereich von 85 bis 265 V AC und wird zunächst mit 5 V-, 7,5 V-, 12 V-, 15 V-, 24 V- und 48 V-Ausgängen angeboten. Das CUS200LD ist in einem kompakten, flachen Gehäuse mit den Maßen 160 x 60 x 31 mm (L x B x H) untergebracht. Alle Modelle starten bei -40°C und können bei Umgebungstemperaturen von -20 bis +70°C betrieben werden, wobei ein Leistungsderating erst ab +45°C nötig ist.


The CM4 range is the world's first conduction cooled modular power supply with a conduction cooled rating of 600W and up to 750W peak power for 5 seconds with up to 4 programmable outputs. CM4 may also be configured as convection or forced air cooled. Combining a 4kVac (2 x MOPP) input-to-output isolation and an 1 x MOPP input-to-ground isolation, the CM4 is certified for for medical and industrial equipment. 5V / 1A standby output is standard on all models and all output modules are supplied with remote sense and remote on/off.


The CSW65 series of industrial AC-DC power supplies are available in three package styles; U-channel, enclosed and DIN rail mounting.  The series can accept a wide 90 to 305Vac, making it suitable for use with 115, 230 and 277Vac nominal inputs. Output voltages range from 5 to 54V with output power levels of up to 65W. The CSW meets efficiency level VI and has a low off-load power consumption of <150mW.

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